Try Something New

Try a classroom management program that is low prep, builds community, and focuses on the positive behaviour in your classroom every day.

classroom management that builds community

Work as a Team

Student work together to earn points as a class.  With you as their coach.  Help them unlock achievements together. 

Build Community

Students feel part of a team.  They succeed together and support one another. 

Growth Mindset

Students learn how to work hard to reach targets.  Failure may happen but they are there to support each other. 

Focus on Positive

Use this program to reinforce the positive behaviours in your classroom.  Use the positive role models in your room to help and support others. 

Build in Practice

Students learn what is expected through practice.  Rehearsing what is expected so that they know how to be successful each day. 

Easy to Run

Set it up once and there is very little prep.  Not tickets or tags to prepare, hand out or manage.  It is easy to use in your busy classroom. 

Ready to get started?